During the entire e-Highway2050 project, significant interim and final results of individual work packages, including stakeholder workshops and consultations, will be published under the ‘Results’ section from 2013 to the end of 2015. This section is continuously extended. One overall result is the Modular Development Plan which will present the architectural possibilities of the electricity transmission network in 2050, including, among other information, the assumptions and calculations for electricity generation, demand and transmission technologies until 2050. Moreover, a network planning method will be developed to serve as the basis for all future long-term network planning. After project completion, the ‘body of knowledge’  will present all project results in a target group-specific and interactive format.

e-Highway2050 articles available on the GridInnovation-on-line Knowledge Sharing Platform

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All resulting documents can be used for further studies, planning and research purposes. You can search according to year, work package and type of result in order to obtain the desired document. For example, workshop and consultation results, as well as interim results of specific work packages, are all available.

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  • Deliverables

    Structuring of uncertainties, options and boundary conditions for the implementation of EHS (by WP 1)

    The main purpose of Deliverable D1.2 as final deliverable of Work Package 1 of e-Highway2050 is to summarize the main findings from the different tasks in the work package and present recommendations for the following work in e-Highway2050. This document structures uncertainties/futures, options/strategies and corresponding boundary conditions for the implementation of EHS that were identified in the different tasks of WP1, in particular technological, economical, political, socio- political and environmental uncertainties and options. The reports from the different WP1 Milestones are confidential but can be accessible upon request to the Coordinator.

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  • Deliverables

    Review of useful studies, policies and codes (by WP 1)

    The objective of this document as the first of two deliverables from WP1 is to collect current knowledge and expectations about future developments in Europe, as seen from the TSO side and in other relevant scenario studies. Together with the outputs from the other tasks this report will be a supplement to the final deliverable D1.2 of WP1.

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  • Stakeholder Workshops

    Results of Stakeholder Workshop on Boundary conditions and scenarios identification for the 2050 transmission system on 23rd January 2013.

    The objectives were to define the limits of the study, the so-called ”boundary conditions”, and to define a robust methodology for the identification of energy scenarios. The scenarios will be used all along the project in order to foresee the possible development of the transmission network in Europe.

    For further information on the content please see the workshop programme, the workshop memo and the presentations of the workshop.