Work plan

A work plan defines the processes and the work flow for setting up the Modular Development Plan. It has been divided into a set of nine work packages in charge of meeting the above project objectives and interacting with regard on the overall outcome.

The figure shows the interdependence between the single work packages, the arrows highlight the direction of the work flow of the respective work package outcome. Read more about the different work packages following this interactive figure:

WorkplanWork Package 1Work Package 2Work Package 3Work Package 4Work Package 5Work Package 6Work Package 8Work Package 9Work Package 7Work Package 10


The figure above shows the interaction and  work plan within the project:

  • The general assumptions generated by work package 1 (WP1)
  • The potential grid reinforcements conceptualised by work package 2 (WP2).
  • The work package 3 (WP3) technologies.
  • The cost/benefit analysis performed by work package 6 (WP6).
  • The modular development plan proposed by work package 4 (WP4) following operational and environmental analysis of the most promising grid architectures.
  • The possible governance mechanisms to manage both the transition and full decarbonisation by 2050 examined by work package 5 (WP5).
  • The Research & Development to specify relevant methodologies for planning an Electricity Highways System as performed by work package 8 (WP8)

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