WP9: Dissemination of the project results

"Dissemination"in the e-Highway2050 project refers to any information displayed from the project to any external electricity stakeholder, and describing the new knowledge generated by the project activities. Dissemination is thus closely linked to:

  • The packaging of the generated knowledge for knowledge sharing
  • The exploitation of the project results.

The dissemination activities focus on the delivery of structured new pieces of knowledge as part of the results from the R&D work. They cover both the planning methodology for the whole pan-European transmission network, and the resulting network expansion roadmaps (which encompass the studied grid architecture options, the grid optimisation results, barriers and drivers for the network deployment and the proposed modular development plans from 2020 to 2050 according to the studied scenarios).

WP9 works in close interaction with WP7. It proposes an exploitation strategy of the results involving the whole consortium. This includes TSOs joint planning tools at ENTSO-E level, proposals for the expanded network governance, recommendations for regulatory frameworks to finance the deployment of the future transmission grid and its operations, but also to perform complementary R&D projects on planning issues raised at EU level beyond 2020.

In parallel, WP9 implements a dedicated methodology to package the generated new knowledge: it is able to shape complex technical messages describing a wealth of R&D outputs into an easy-to-access, multi-expert knowledge database, thus giving any electricity market player an opportunity to share the knowledge created by the project which is made public.

This WP is led by ENTSO-E with the support of EURELECTRIC, Europacable, EWEA, E3G, T&D Europe, Poyry and Brunel University to cover the whole electricity community and connected associations, and TECHNOFI for content bundling. Dissemination aims at detailing the assumptions, data and methodologies used to build the final modular development plans, thus giving a guarantee of transparency for all the obtained results. 

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