WP3: Technology portfolio to meet the 2050 scenarios (TECHNOFI)

In WP3, manufacturer associations, academic partners and Transmission System Operators (TSOs) will propose a set of relevant data for technology components (generation, storage, transmission and demand) that will be used as inputs for the simulations and analysis of generation, demand, and exchange profiles as well as for network simulations (WP2), network dynamic simulations to analyse grid constraints when electricity highways are progressively deployed (WP4) and cost/benefit analysis of the proposed grid reinforcements (WP6).

The data provided by WP3, together with the boundary conditions of WP1 and the simulations of WP2, WP4 and WP6, will help to find the most probable and optimal grid architectures at different time horizons (2030, 2040, 2050), according to a set of pre-defined energy scenarios.

The data provided by WP3 covers the following data types:

  • Technology performance characteristics, i.e. an overview of the performance characteristics of the technology components,
  • Technology readiness and maturity, where the most probable innovations are identified and assessed, based on, for instance, the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) scale,
  • Possible implementation constraints, i.e. an analysis of the barriers hindering the deployment of a technology,
  • Costs, including relevant variables such as lifespan, etc., in order to compute, for instance, the LCOE (generation technologies),
  • Environmental impacts and public acceptance taking into account different variables, such as the CO2 footprint, land use, visual impact, etc.,
  • Market and supply chain variables, such as the market volumes and the identification of possible bottlenecks (possible shortages of raw materials, lack of production capacities and/or transport and installation means, etc.),
  • ICT availability, meaning the impact of ICT novel performances upon the implemented power technologies,
  • Dynamic performances of power technologies, i.e. the dynamic performance of technology components (harmonic, flickers, voltage drop, frequency variation, controllability, etc.) which are of relevance when performing critical network dynamic simulations to investigate the new network robustness to disturbances.

The relevance and quality of the gathered data will experience both internal and external validations. Internal validation will be performed by a Quality Pool and selected partners of the project. External validation will be performed during a broad consultation with external stakeholders (third external workshop of the project).

WP3 will end with a short study on standardization/interoperability requirements and RD&D issues related to the development of new power system components.

Further links:

REALISEGRID - EU project for promoting an optimal development of the European trans-national transmission grid infrastructure

IRENE-40 - Infrastructure Roadmap for Energy Networks in Europe

Publication "Advanced Technologies for Future Transmission Grids"

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