WP2: Developing grid architecture options as a function of the retained scenarios for 2050 (Amprion)

This work package starts from the 2020 Pan-European network configuration and makes clusters using a precise methodology to provide a tradable picture of the grid with a few hundred clusters (zones).

Beginning with the general assumptions described in WP1; energy demand, generation and outward exchanges for each zone are depicted at 2050 levels, building a scenario. Balanced realistic annual scenarios on an hourly basis are provided using a market simulation based on generation costs with coherent assumptions on weather conditions and financial/socio-economic conditions. Using the 2050 hourly simulated variations of generation, demand and exchanges, the 2050 energy, power and exchanges are simulated within each cluster (zone). Hence, beginning with the 2020 pan-European grid architecture available at ENTSO-E level, 2050 grids are built and network simulations are implemented in order to:

  • detect overloads and/or weak points for each scenario studied
  • propose the most relevant grid architectures which implement the technology portfolios detailed in WP3 in order to alleviate the weak points of the studied pan-European grid, by 2050.

The work package delivers tentative grid architectures to WP6 for the cost/benefit analysis, including possible electricity highways which may meet some or all of the 2050 energy and power scenarios.

This work package is led by Amprion (a German TSO) with contributions from many European Transmission System Operators, universities, energy associations and is intended to deliver the clustered description of the Pan-European Network. The market simulation is led by EKC, third party of ENTSO-E, with contributions from all the TSOs. The power simulations are led by SWISSGRID, accompanied by ENTSO-E and the other TSOs.
The Scenario-Development is led by Sintef (Norwegian Research Institute) with contributions from TSOs, universities and other research institutes.

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