Consultation related to e-Highway2050 governance aspects

It is proposed to define governance models into five building blocks which will make the reference structure used to describe and assess them in the e-Highway2050 project. The five building blocks identified are:

1) Transmission network expansion design;
2) Construction/Ownership of transmission reinforcements and support tools;
3) Financing of the corresponding investments;
4) Allocation of the cost of these reinforcements and remuneration scheme applied to them; and
5) (Technical & Market) Operation of the system network and related system services.

Your contribution regarding the definition of the governance model is welcome. Please use the attached questionnaire as guideline:

The questionnaire comprises two parts.

Part 1 proposes to define a Target Governance Model along five building blocks, as key elements to describe a certain model. Your feedback is requested on the relevance and comprehensiveness of these building blocks.

Part 2 proposes eleven governance models that have been shortlisted to inspire the analysis in order to define the most appropriate Target Governance Models for e-Highways 2050. Your feedback is requested to provide a score from 1 to 10 to each of these models, with ten being the most relevant to analyse in the framework of the e-Highway 2050 project. Any other comment or proposition for a model to analyse in the e-Highway 2050 project is welcomed.

We would like to ask you to contribute to the survey and to send us your feedback (filled questionnaire) to by Friday, 30th August 2013.