The objective of the e-Highway2050 project is a sustainable and forward-looking Modular Development Plan of the Pan-European Transmission System 2050. For the project to be successful, it is vital that the future Modular Development Plan is prepared and supported by all relevant stakeholders. Besides stakeholder workshops on specific topics, three wide-ranging public consultations will be held. The corresponding process and the documentation to be consulted from the respective consultation period will be presented on this site. Stakeholders are invited to comment on this documentation. To ensure the process is transparent, all comments will also be published on this site.

Once the period for feedback has closed, a workshop will be held on each occasion so that the responsible consortium members can meet with key stakeholders to discuss the feedback received and to decide how comments and suggestions can be incorporated into the process or results into the respective work packages.

The documents from each consultation will be published on this site. We invite all interested individuals and organisations to read these documents and to provide feedback.

The results from completed consultations can be found under the section ‘Results’.

If you would like to be notified about consultations, simply use our contact form. We will add you to our stakeholder mailing list and send you updates about new consultations, workshops, deliverables, etc. By sending us your feedback about a consultation, you expressly consent to the publication of your comment.


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