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Research and education at TU Berlin cover a wide range of disciplines with an orientation toward science and technology. In those disciplines in particular, the university enjoys an excellent reputation. In the area of electrical engineering and computer science, TU Berlin achieved the best overall score of all German universities in the 2008 edition of the Research Ranking of CHE (Centre for Higher Education Development). Of a student body of around 28,000, more than 5600 come from 130 different countries. TU Berlin has a multitude of worldwide cooperation agreements including 21 double-degree programmes with universities in Chile, China, France, Korea, Poland, Russia and the UK.

Main contributions to the project:
TU Berlin will be involved in work package 1, work package 3, work package 4, work package 6 and work package 8. These work packages encompass both technical and economic aspects of the evaluation of the new electricity infrastructure. The contributions to work packages 3, 4 and 8 will focus primarily on technical aspects such as the development of grid infrastructures along motorways. Work packages 1 and 6 are expected to benefit from economic expertise in cost-benefit analysis.