SINTEF, Norway


SINTEF Energy Research employs 230 people as part of the SINTEF Group (2400 people). SINTEF Energy Research is engaged in contract research in national and international markets. R&D activities focus on power production, energy conversion, transmission/use of energy, as well as industrial processes and products. Topics concerning the deregulation of international electricity markets, integration of renewable energy sources and power system planning have for many years been main activities. SINTEF Energy Research is involved in analysis and projects related to energy market operation, power transmission and distribution system operation and utilisation, security and vulnerability of power systems, demand side management, and large-scale integration of renewable energy sources. SINTEF is an independent, non-profit organisation with its earnings allocated to research or the acquisition of scientific equipment.

Main contributions to the project:
Leader of work package 1 (WP1 – Setting the boundary conditions for 2020-2050 grid planning).

Subtask leader: work package 2 (WP2.3 – Scenarios development); work package 6 (WP6.1 – Background and previous studies); work package 8 (WP 8.4 – Enhanced Modular Development Plan).

Research partner: work package 4 (WP4.1 – Operational validation of scenarios; WP4.3 – Intermediate grid architectures for 2030 and 2040); work package 6 (WP6.4 – System security aspects; WP6.6 – Theoretical framework of the cost-benefit analysis; WP6.8 – Risk assessment; WP6.9 – Cost-benefit analysis of grid architectures and of modular plan 2030-2050); work package 8 (WP8.1 – High-level definition of use cases; WP8.6 – Enhanced methodology for long-term planning).