EWEA, Belgium


With more than 700 members from almost 60 countries, EWEA represents wind turbine manufacturers, component suppliers, research institutes, national wind and renewable energy associations, wind farm developers, electricity providers, finance and insurance companies and consultants. Moreover, EWEA represents 60% of the global market in wind turbines.

Main contributions to the project:
EWEA’s main contributions to E-Highway2050 are related to the communication activities of the project: in work package 7 EWEA will help to define and actively involve stakeholders (partly through workshops), and in work package 9 EWEA will support the project by organising workshops and carrying out general dissemination activities. Furthermore, EWEA will provide input to work package 1 on economic boundaries, and in work package 2 EWEA will provide input on existing studies, scenarios and the development of generation, and support market simulation.