Europacable, Belgium

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Europacable represents approximately 85% of European wire and cable manufacturers. Founded in 1991, our member companies and national associations include global technology leaders as well SMEs highly specialised in the production of energy, telecommunications and data cables. With more than 55,000 employees across Europe and wire and cable consumption totalling EUR 20 billion in 2009, Europacable member companies have produced some 38 million kilometres of cables in Europe alone.

Main contributions to the project:
Europacable’s main contribution to the project will be to provide the technical expertise of the European wire and cable industry on AC and DC power transmission and distribution cables suitable for use on land and at sea. Consequently, the main focus of Europacable’s input will be on work package 3. Furthermore, Europacable has been involved in stakeholder communications over the past seven years in various EU Member States and will support work package 7.