ENTSO-E, Belgium


The European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E) speaks for all electricity TSOs in Europe and the others connected to their networks, offering one voice for all regions, and for their technical and market issues. ENTSO-E has 41 members from 34 countries. Important Europe-wide planning and operations roles are assigned to ENTSO-E in new European legislation.

Main contributions to the project:
ENTSO-E will make a major contribution to the main achievements and deliverables of the project. This will be ensured through direct contribution of all TSOs partners leading and/or actively involved in several work packages as full partners in the project (TSOs DPs) or as TSOs-TPs. ENTSO-E is leading work package 9 on dissemination and will ensure the results of the project are communicated to all interested parties.