EnSiEL, Italy

Logo Ensiel

EnSiEL is a consortium of public Italian universities: the universities of Aquila, Bologna, Cagliari, Calabria, Cassino, Catania, Genova, Politecnico di Milano, Naples ‘Federico II’, Napoles SUN, Padova, Palermo, Pavia, Pisa, Rome – La Sapienza, Salerno, Sannio, Politecnico di Torino. EnSiEL started operating in 2009. The 17 universities of EnSiEL employ almost 90% of the academic experts operating in the area of energy and power systems.

Main contributions to the project:
EnSiEL will coordinate work package 1 -Task 1.5 (RDD Boundaries) and co-implement: WP1-Tasks 1.1, 1.5; WP3- ask 3.2.c.