The Elia Group is built around two transmission system operators: the Belgian TSO Elia and 50Hertz Transmission in northern and eastern Germany. The Elia Group's primary mission is to ensure reliable, efficient and sustainable electricity transmission from generators to industrial consumers and distribution system operators. The grids operated by the Elia Group constitute a key link between electricity markets in northern, eastern and southern Europe. The Elia Group is an active market facilitator and supporter of the energy and climate policy. Following the acquisition of German TSO 50Hertz in cooperation with Industry Funds Management (IFM), it is now one of the top five transmission system operators in Europe. The Group has its own engineering company, Elia Engineering. In addition to transmission, Elia is a distribution system operator managing the grid from 30 kV up to 70 kV (4800 km).

Main contributions to the project:
Elia Group leads work package 5 on EHS governance, i.e. it is coordinating the necessary analysis about existing frameworks (and their drawbacks), the identified ambitions and the expected barriers on the road towards an EHS. Elia Group is also involved in analysing and comparing different regulatory frameworks and legal and organisational structures and in establishing a roadmap for an effective EHS governance model.