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Brunel is a research intensive university, situated in West London. Over the last twenty years, the Brunel Institute of Power Systems (BIPS) has established a track record of international excellence with regard to research and development in advanced computational tools (both software and hardware) for the analysis, control, operation, management and strategic design of electrical power generation, transmission and distribution systems. Current major projects include the coordination of an FP7 ICT Energy STREP project (valued at approximately EUR 5.6 million), plus significant UK EPSRC and industry funded projects. Brunel is a preferred research collaborator of National Grid.

Main contributions to the project:
Brunel University will formally collaborate with National Grid in the UK (NG) to enable NG to be informed of the ongoing results and outcomes of the project and to allow the e-Highway2050 consortium to benefit from the technical and other inputs from NG. Brunel University will also liaise with UK policy makers and regulators, such as DECC and OFGEM, to provide up-to-date information to the consortium regarding relevant UK initiatives. This interaction will be of most significance for work package 1, work package 2, work package 3, work package 4 and work package 5. Brunel University’s previous experience and ongoing research in other European and UK projects with regard to developing novel ICT infrastructure for interoperable smart grid functionality, such as high-performance computing applications in the operation and management of power systems, will inform the developments in work package 1, work package 3 and work package 4. Brunel University also has ongoing collaborative research projects with NG investigating power system stability control and the operation of HVDC interconnectors. These are planned to be widely adopted in the UK in future. This research will inform work package 1, work package 2 and work package 3 in particular.