Composition of the e-Highway2050 consortium

The e-Highway2050 project consortium brings together the transnational expertise of partners from academia, industry, research and society in general. The combined effect of the pan-European cooperation between transmission system operators, companies, universities, research institutions, energy associations and an NGO facilitates a unique concentration of expertise in the field of transmission system expansion and the integration of renewable energies. A total of 28 partners throughout Europe are cooperating on e-Highway2050 via nine different work packages, which, in turn, are networked with numerous third-party partners:

  • ENTSO-E serves as the umbrella organisation for 41 transmission system operators across Europe
  • EURELECTRIC is the European trade association for the entire electricity industry and has 30 members in various European countries.
  • RTE, the French transmission system operator, is responsible for the management of the consortium.

Results arising during work packages will be presented to the public and developed into coherent recommendations for action within the overall context of e-Highway2050. Policy-makers in governments, regulatory agencies and the electricity industry, which have been included in the research process from the outset by the consortium partners, will use the proposed solutions as the groundwork for the subsequent expansion of the pan-European transmission network. The network planning methodology will be made available to all ENTSO-E members and will serve in future as the basis for further research and innovations in the development of better planning tools for the network expansion.

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